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at the SKYY Vodka Governors Ball Party in NYC on Thursday.

“That'd be nice.”So if there are any interested ladies out there, we have some words of advice: grab your pair of tickets now since the music festival starts today!

Since Nina split with Ian Somerhalder she hasn’t had a steady boyfriend, at least officially, unless you count Derek Hough – which we don’t. Besides all of that, Chace is known for using the names of high profile women in order to further his own celebrity status.

Sources close to the situation have revealed that despite her “taken” status, Nina spent Thanksgiving with Chace. Perhaps she is really just trying to play the field since splitting from her long time Vampire Diaries love Ian Somerhalder? Even Carrie Underwood said back in 2012 that Chace only dated her for the publicity.

I've interviewed lots of celebrities, everyone from athletes to Oprah.

Carrie has a history of talking smack about her exes so this doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s calling out Chace for staging a fake relationship.

Is Nina Dobrev dating Chace Crawford or Mark Foster of Foster The People?

There are rumors flying that she is dating Mark Foster in secret and is only friends with Chace, but stranger things have happened in La La Land.

We can’t help but to think that maybe Nina is the one using him this time.

Maybe she is using him as a means in order to make Ian jealous? She could also be using Chace to hide her relationship with Mark Foster….

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