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It's not hard to see this two date together, or do in real life the same cutesy couple things they do in their ads for Puma.Go Ara and Kim Woo Bin If Go Ara and Kim Woo Bin actually dated in real life, we'd probably have a new "visual couple".Just like any other couple, we just ate and drove [around]." Suzy was also asked if she thinks that she would be able to date in public now that people know; she answered professionally, "I'm not really sure about that. ; tbh i think when kpop idols are more honest with there relationships its alot easier for them and the ;fans, when they are dodgy and beat around the bush and lying it makes the situation a whole lot worse fro them so Suzy is playing it pretty well, i mean look at Baek and Taeyeon when they confirmed dating it was just a disaster LLOL I like that she's very open about their relationship.Since we both need to work, I think it would be best if we dated quietly while working."When talking about Lee Min Ho's personality, Suzy complimented his warm and understanding personality, which drew her to him in the first place. But I wish the she and the reporters will avoid discussing her love life when Miss A are together.Kim So-hyun empieza un trabajo de Maid en la casa de la adinerada familia de Lee Pil Mo por recomendación de su padre, a quién quiere ayudar por los problemas financieros de su familia. En esa casa se encontrará con Nam Joo-hyuk, hijo del Sr. SEE ALSO: Rap Monster talks about what differentiates BTS from other K-pop groups in TIME interview Suzy said, "We happened to have a pictorial shooting at the same time, so we met in London. ill bet next its gonna be kim soo hyun or lee jong suk that will end up with park shin hye..

She allways help everyone with her on way, what a great actress..

Known to be masculine and honest, B recently confessed to his friends over some drinks that A is now his girlfriend.

'Best visual' two top idol couples discovered Popular girl group member A and 'handsome sculpture' B met through a variety program and are said to have fallen in love.

B has surprised his friends with the type of girls he dated but it seems this time he's found his perfect match, with both parties lacking nothing in face, body, or talent. Not only that, but 'trend of the trends' C and D are also said to be dating.

C was known for dating Hallyu girl group member E for a brief period but has since focused solely on his work in fear of getting caught by paparazzi.

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