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In its 400-year history, the pub welcomed smugglers, pirates, sailors, and soldiers -- and it’s said some of them have never left.

The pub’s been visited by paranormal TV crews and spirit hunters, and when you’re not feeling a mysterious breeze (hailing from this world or the next, who’s to say? Settle in with a cold pint -- but never let your guard down.

Hi all, Jen and Jim here, we are a young married couple from Ireland with lots of kinky fetishes, we have always fantasized about adding another "part" to our mix but never acted on it, we have never been with "strangers" but it's something we are thinking about trying.

He had pleaded not guilty when he had originally been arraigned on 15 September 2000. Although the prisoner was offered the opportunity to make oral representations through legal advisers on the tariff to be set under article 11 of the Life Sentences (NI) Order 2001, he elected to have this determined on the papers.

When they arrived at Kellys, the two young women separated from the men and went to order a drink at the bar in an area of the club known as the Gods.

They sat at a tall table a short distance from the entrance to the Gods and this became their base for the evening.

Irish pubs are a welcome sight all across America, from New York to Dublin…

Ohio, but the best way to experience their legendary hospitality is to visit Ireland itself, where the conviviality and hospitality match the culture and history.

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