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Net web form, there are several Text Boxes and 2 Drop Down Lists.

One of these Drop Down Lists is not working as expected.

you can also look at the collection of data coming into the event and see if it seems reasonable.

However, the next time I run the program, the updated record is no longer shown by Sql Data Source1 and the Grid View.

="DELETE FROM [Customers] WHERE [Customer ID] = @original_Customer ID AND [Company Name] = @original_Company Name AND [Contact Name] = @original_Contact Name AND [Contact Title] = @original_Contact Title AND [Address] = @original_Address AND [City] = @original_City AND [Region] = @original_Region AND [Postal Code] = @original_Postal Code AND [Country] = @original_Country AND [Phone] = @original_Phone AND [Fax] = @original_Fax"="INSERT INTO [Customers] ([Customer ID], [Company Name], [Contact Name], [Contact Title], [Address], [City], [Region], [Postal Code], [Country], [Phone], [Fax]) VALUES (@Customer ID, @Company Name, @Contact Name, @Contact Title, @Address, @City, @Region, @Postal Code, @Country, @Phone, @Fax)"="UPDATE [Customers] SET [Company Name] = @Company Name, [Contact Name] = @Contact Name, [Contact Title] = @Contact Title, [Address] = @Address, [City] = @City, [Region] = @Region, [Postal Code] = @Postal Code, [Country] = @Country, [Phone] = @Phone, [Fax] = @Fax WHERE [Customer ID] = @original_Customer ID AND [Company Name] = @original_Company Name AND [Contact Name] = @original_Contact Name AND [Contact Title] = @original_Contact Title AND [Address] = @original_Address AND [City] = @original_City AND [Region] = @original_Region AND [Postal Code] = @original_Postal Code AND [Country] = @original_Country AND [Phone] = @original_Phone AND [Fax] = @original_Fax"From your description, it almost sounds like the update event is not being fired.

Can you put a debug in the updating event and see if that is actually getting fired?

This is the markup of the working Drop Down List: Thanks for the comment.Your code will be formatted automatically to the language you select.Thanks That would make the datasource not to pass in the original values and it wont make sense, when you are having Optimistic Concurrency enabled and having original parameters declared for the insert and update commands on the datasource and you dont want to pass the original values to compare.I have tried two ways to retrieve the new values as you can see from this shortened version of the Item Updating event (and both return the old ones) :- Protected Sub Details View1_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Details View Update Event Args) Handles Details View1. Find Control("txt Password"), Text Box) Struct_Student.password = txt Password.

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