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As DS Miller (Olivia Colman) herself said tonight, the more men that are interrogated, the more that are ruled in – not out.This might be an issue for the Broadchurch constabulary but it's not a problem for the audience, as we're served up another delicious slice of intrigue, populated by a gallery of morally questionable characters.Ian Winterman (Charlie Higson) Trish’s estranged husband had programmes installed on her laptop to spy on her, but did the teacher’s jealousy lead him to rape? ” Clive Lucas (Sebastian Armesto) The creepy cabbie has been contradictory about his movements on the night and his downtrodden wife Charlotte (Sarah Elsey) has discovered he has Trish’s keyring, but did he simply pocket that when he and Trish went on a date?“We know why he has been so obsessed with that laptop, but is he telling the truth about blacking out on the night of the party when Trish was raped? “Lucas has a strange collection of trinkets and a tragic marriage,” says Chris.Helping to heap on the ambiguity is Armesto's captivating portrayal of Lucas – sleazy yet somehow sympathetic. The reveal of Clive's past – and his relationship with stepson Michael (We can't be the only people slightly concerned by Tom's eye-popping fascination with his phone's filthy content and hoping there's not more there's not more agony in store for Colman's DS Miller.Elsewhere this week, Mark Latimer (Andrew Buchan) manages to isolate himself from his loved ones even more.may have committed a few narrative sins in a divisive second series, but a big part of why its big comeback has been so compelling is that it's not only correcting its own mistakes, but also tackling its subject matter far more effectively than other, less daring shows.

In real life, even in our darkest moments, we embrace humour – even if it's just as a coping mechanism.But Trish's ordeal becomes increasingly difficult to watch, culminating in a moment where, in a desperate effort to jog her memory, she slowly reassumes the position she was in when she was raped - then vomits.That writer / series creator Chris Chibnall peppers his scripts with charming comic moments only makes moments like this feel all the more real.One moment this week that veers dangerously close to melodrama – a football game stopped dead by Trish's arrival – is swiftly diffused by having Cath (Sarah Parish) 'hang a lampshade' on it: "Keep going - it's only Trish!"For the most part, the drama on offer here feels powerfully real, the emotion raw and expertly played – most notably in the show's most harrowing opening since this year's premiere, with Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) revisiting the scene of her attack.'s strengths.

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