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Broadland Acle (CON hold) * BRIAN ILES (C) 1343 Thomas Rednall (L) 756 Michael Blake (LD) 249 David Moreland (UKIP) 219 Majority: 587 Turnout: 37.8pc Aylsham (LIB DEM hold) * DAVID HARRISON (LD) 1358 Hal Turkmen (C) 1221 Simon Court (L) 389 Trevor Gardiner (UKIP) 143 Majority: 137 Turnout: 39.73pc Blofield and Brundall (CON hold) * ANDREW PROCTOR (C) 1818 Alan Pawsey (L) 479 Eleanor Mason (LD) 284 Beth Davis (G) 167 Armin Hess (UKIP) 154 Majority: 1339 Turnout: 38.59pc Drayton and Horsford (CON hold) * TONY ADAMS (C) 1452 Peter Sergeant (LD) 486 Tony Hemmingway (L) 352 Majority: 966 Turnout: 28.21pc Hellesdon (CON hold) * SHELAGH GURNEY (C) 1683 Annie Thompson (L) 681 David Britcher (LD) 374 Majority: 1,002 Turnout: 31.55pc Hevingham and Spixworth (LIB DEM hold) * DAN ROPER (LD) 1297 Shaun Vincent (C) 1068 Philip Williams (L) 221 Nancy Gardiner (UKIP) 164 Majority: 229.

Majority: 924 Turnout: 35.23pc Melton Constable (LIB DEM gain from UKIP) STEFFAN AQUARONE (LD) 1549 Annie Calussen-Reynolds (C) 1129 * David Ramsbotham (UKIP) 409 Callum Ringer (L) 283 Alicia Hull (G) 80 Majority: 420 Turnout: 46.25pc Mundesley (IB DEM gain from CON) EDWARD MAXFIELD (LD) 1309 Fiona Turner (C) 1244 Ray Mooney (L) 240 Graham Jones (I) 109 Alexander Wood (UKIP) 107 Majority: 65 Turnout: 41.53pc North Walsham East (LIB DEM held) * ERIC SEWARD (LD) 1646 Alex Oliver (C) 829 Jacqui Cross (L) 261 Lynette Comber (UKIP) 177 Jo Todd (G) 107 Majority: 817 Turnout: 35.45pc North Walsham West and Erpingham (LIB DEM held) * JOHN TIMEWELL (LD) 1037 Glyn Williams (C) 926 David Spencer (L) 789 Irene Ramsbotham (UKIP) 141 Stephen Green (G) 113 Majority: 111 Turnout: 41.77pc.

Brought to you by the organization that built The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Virtual Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring, remembering and sharing the legacies of all those who died in the Vietnam War.

Rose is certainly the top-rating series opener when Doctor Who actually had competition from another broadcaster.

The first Doctor Who story to be produced in widescreen, it was also the first single-episode, 45-minute story.

It is also the second-highest rated series-opener of all time, second only to Destiny of the Daleks.

Due to the volume of general OS news that gets onto this page, we are only showing one term of news at a time.

It was the Doctor Who debut for almost everyone who worked on it — except for model unit supervisor Mike Tucker, who worked as a visual effects assistant on the original series from 1985 to 1989.

Though it was not the Doctor Who debut for visual effects company, The Mill — that had actually come on The Curse of Fatal Death — it did feature the premiere of their title sequence.

Turnout: 37.4pc Old Catton (CON hold) KAREN VINCENT (C) 1356 Nesar Ahmed (L) 418 Jacky Howe (LD) 310 Majority: 938 Turnout: 31.76pc Reepham (CON gain from LIB DEM) GREG PECK (C) 1231 Stuary Beadle (LD) 783 Ruth Goodall (L) 611 Paul Brock (UKIP) 158 Majority: 488 Turnout: 41.5pc Sprowston (CON hold) * JOHN WARD (C) 1659 Bill Couzens (L) 920 Martin Callam (LD) 258 John Gilson (UKIP) 243 Majority: 739 Turnout: 32.93pc Taverham (CON hold) * STUART CLANCY (C) 1751 Trevor Turk (L) 428 Charles Ison (LD) 285 Ian Kelly (UKIP) 158 Majority: 1323 Turnout: 34pc Thorpe St Andrew (CON hold) * IAN MACKIE (C) 1799 Dariush Fassihi (L) 645 Phyliida Scrivens (LD) 404 Majority: 1,154 Turnout: 36.46pc Woodside (CON HOLD) JOHN FISHER (C) 1494 Natasha Harpley (L) 802 Dave Thomas (LD) 232 Ean Newberry (UKIP) 174 Majority: 692 Turnout: 39.15pc Wroxham (CON hold) * TOM GARROD (C) 1744 Stephen Heard (LD) 588 Christine Hemmingway (L) 315 Nick Ball (G) 162 Majority: 1,156 Turnout: 36.7pc Breckland Attleborough (CON hold) OLIVER RHODRI (C) 1685 Phil Spiby (L) 632 Christopher Mac Kinnon (LD) 338 Majority: 1053 Turnout: 28.36pc Dereham North (CON hold) * WILLIAM RICHMOND (C) 1512 Liz Hunton (L) 478 Ann Bowyer (G) 205 Erland Watson (LD) 120 Majority: 1034 Turnout: 29.36pc Dereham South (CON gain from UKIP) PHILLIP DUIGAN (C) 1179 Harry Clarke (L) 853 Catherine Blaiklock (UKIP) 277 Paul Speed (LD) 207 Majority: 236 Turnout: 28.85pc Elmham and Mattishall (CON hold) * BILL BORRETT (C) 2,231 Linda Goreham (L) 585 Richard Scoggins (LD) 326 Majority: 1646 Turnout: 34.64pc Guiltcross (CON hold) * STEPHEN ASKEW (C) 2067 Stephen Gordon (LD) 472 Christopher Harvey (L) 459 Majority: 1595 Turnout: 35.8pc Necton and Launditch (CON hold) * MARK KIDDLE-MORRIS (C) 2477 Joe Sisto (L) 838 Majority: 1639 Turnout: 38.21pc Swaffham (CON gain from UKIP) ED COLMAN (C) 1577 * Paul Smyth (UKIP) 473 Philip Wagstaff (L) 391 Kate Sayer (LD) 215 Majority: 1104 Turnout: 33.18pc The Brecks (CON hold) FABIAN EAGLE (C) 2131 Brenda Canham (L) 355 Sandra Walmsley (G) 250 Ian Minto (LD) 225 Majority: 1776 Turnout: 33.42pc Thetford East (CON gain from UKIP) ROY BRAME (C) 982 Mike Brindle (L) 725 Denis Crawford (UKIP) 334 Majority: 257 Turnout: 27.25pc Thetford West (LAB hold) * TERRY JERMY (L) 1323 Jane James (C) 853 John Newton (UKIP) 392 Majority: 470 Turnout: 26.85pc Watton (CON hold) * CLAIRE BOWES (C) 1785 Danielle Glavin (L) 356 Timothy Bird (G) 216 Victor Scrivens (LD) 144 Majority: 1429 Turnout: 28.53pc Yare and All Saints (CON hold) * CLIFF JORDAN (C) 1991 Christine Mc Lean (LD) 409 Paul Siegert (L) 337 Majority: 1582 Turnout: 35.83pc Great Yarmouth West Flegg (CON hold) HAYDN THIRTLE (C) 1380 Gary Boyd (L) 384 Michael Toomey (UKIP) 266 Kim Mackenzie-Morris (LD) 178 Majority: 996 Turnout: 35pc.

Caister-on-Sea (CON gain from LAB) PENNY CARPENTER (C) 1177 Donna Hammond (UKIP) 551 Christina Horne (L) 467 Harry Webb (G) 168 Majority: 636 Turnout: 31.58pc East Flegg (CON gain from UKIP) RON HANTON (C) 1529 * Jonathon Childs (UKIP) 714 John Simmons (L) 413 Ken Petersen (G) 157 Majority: 815 Turnout: 36.94pc Gorleston St Andrews (CON hold) * GRAHAM PLANT (C) 1145 Tony Wright (L) 834 Kay Grey (UKIP): 401 Tracey Darnell (G): 105 Majority: 311 Turnout: 32.45pc Yarmouth North and Central (LAB hold) * MICK CASTLE (L) 871 James Bensly (C) 836 Chris Walch (UKIP) 700 Tony Harris (LD) 129 Majority: 35 Turnout: 27.69pc Lothingland (CON gain from Vacant) ANDY GRANT (C) 1331 Carl Annison (UKIP) 800 Cara Walker (L) 673 Majority: 531 Turnout: 31.17pc Breydon (CON gain from UKIP) Carl Smith (C) 1289 Trevor Wainwright (L) 795 * Alan Grey (UKIP) 619 Majority: 494 Turnout: 31pc Magdalen (LAB hold) * COLLEEN WALKER (L) 1062 Julia Miller (C) 739 John Ellerton (UKIP) 413 Majority: 323 Turnout: 27.27pc Yarmouth Nelson and Southtown (LAB gain from UKIP) MIKE SMITH-CLARE (L) 843 Peter Fitzgerald (UKIP) 562 George Rogers (C) 492 Lisa Alston (LD) 78 Majority: 281 Turnout 21.51pc North Norfolk Cromer (LIB DEM gain from CON) TIM ADAMS (LD) 1481 * Hilary Cox (C) 1310 Jane Worsdale (L) 255 John Digby (UKIP) 153 Mike Bossingham (G) 123 Majority: 171 Turnout: 40.96pc Fakenham (CON held) * TOM FITZPATRICK (C) 1321 Hugh Lanham (LD) 556 Jack Smith (UKIP) 202 Imogen Bruce (L) 352 Jenny Outred (G) 80 Majority: 765 Turnout: 30.76pc Holt (LIB DEM gain from UKIP) SARAG BUTIKOFER (LD) 1666 David Ward (C) 1455 Richard Kelham (L) 210 Terry Comber (UKIP) 202 Paula D’Attoma (G) 123 Majority: 211 Turnout: 50.57pc Hoveton and Stalham (CON held) * NIGEL DIXON (C) 1540 Philip Livesey (LD) 616 Mandy Mc Kenna (L) 301 Michael Macartney-Filgate (G) 119.

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