Inserting and updating long lob colum

When possible, change your existing applications to use LOBs instead of LONGs because of the added benefits that LOBs provide.

See Chapter 7, "Modeling and Design", "LOBs Compared to LONG and LONG RAW Types".

So after fetching the hex string, you'd need to decode it using Ignoring portability for the moment, that's fine for simple short textual strings, but soon runs into problems for anything else.

To assist you in migrating to LOBs, Oracle supports the LONG API for LOBs.

The term, " Oracle9i supports LONG as well as LOB datatypes.

This will generate a Parameterised Insert statement - click on Preview SQL to see this.

This window prompts you for parameters needed for a query.

Even though this button is not present you can still load the column from a file. The Data Loader can be used to copy data between tables (even if they are on different database).

This supports loading LOB data; and can therefore be used for moving LOB data between tables.

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Use ALTER TABLE to convert LONG columns in existing tables to LOBs.

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