Girls guide to dating a runner

Maybe at first, dating a runner might not seem like a bright idea.Really, who wants to spend the majority of their time with a fitness-obsessed freak who usually wakes up before the sun is out, hands over their hard-earned cash for race entry fees and is probably missing a few toenails?

Who doesn’t want to date someone who is switched on and smart?The flip side is that the lunacy of running becomes more apparent when your partner is a nonparticipant.After all, who returns home from early morning races, your significant other still fast asleep as you furtively climb back into bed like a sweaty philanderer.Runners tend to be relaxed, satisfied and positive people. Because running releases endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals responsible for the famous runner’s high.So running is not only good for your runner’s mood – it’s good for your relationship, too.

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