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You will find this country very interesting because of its history, culture and food. Because a filipino woman is trained to be a good wife from a young age. She is expected to carry the weight of the the family in many cases. They could be chiefs, they could do business AND they could divorce a man at will. There is still a fight for justice of filipinas, but they have succeeded even with all the odds stacked against them taking on powerful roles in business and politics.

The biggest asset in the Philippines for bachelors is definitely the variety of pretty, petite ladies all over the country. Teaching girls to be good house wives seems to be a bit of a growing taboo in the Western world as women have had to fight to have the same jobs with equal pay as men and now face a complete change in roles and responsibilities. Out of (15) presidents in the Philippines (2) have been women.

I don’t know how much of a difference that makes for the future of your relationship but it could mean she’s going with the first guy that actually shows up.

However, there were also a few snake bites along the way for me too. There are almost no single foreigners in the Philippines. Most of us are over 40 when we come to the Philippines. Some want only cash and if their plans workout you will never lay eyes on them outside of a webcam. Once again, this is a topic where so many will say it is always about the money. Someone actually asked Jessie if he could buy her from me and he was serious. He had a lot of money, he was sitting with her at a Bantayan Island resort when he asked her that. She could have had a lot of money but she told him “Rusty would never sell me.” She even likes the guy. Do I think Jessie wanting a better life was part of the equation with me? Jessie wanted no man when I met her and that was okay with me because I was done with women too. My long distance relationship with a Filipina developed over a year. I know a Filipina that didn’t ever think she would be involved with a foreigner. She says she was never like that but that she never thought she would be with a foreigner.

When you’re a long way off and the Filipina badly wants a foreign boyfriend, they tend to agree to anything. It is a fantasy and if you try to make it real and in person, they run away as they are often very shy. Latching onto a long distance sexy Filipina is an easy thing to do. When you arrive in the Philippines, it is a totally new beginning with many opportunities that you probably cannot imagine. Have you ever seen a woman choose a broke guy over a guy with a boatload of cash? It happens a lot in the USA and probably other Western countries. Part of this kind of thinking, that is always about the cash, stems from the brain barrier between men and women. I don’t claim to understand their thinking but I have seen women do what appears to be insanely stupid. I wish I did fully understand the difference between the thinking of men and women. Men are easier to understand but I think women don’t fully understand us too. I think that is superficial but I’m not going to go deeply into that. I heard an American once say he could have any Filipina he wanted. Now at 23 she finds that she is very much attached to one foreigner.

Girls are taught to treat their husband well, the importance of serving her husband, how to cook how to clean and care for the family.

In the Philippines, being a wife is a big responsibility. My articles here in Efilipinowomen are about the culture, K-1 visa, current events, dating, marriages and traditions of the Philippines.

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An estimated 400,000 of the victims are women while 100,000 are children, with 80 percent of them female under 18.

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