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Friends of mine who were with the same guy all through their 20s are lamenting it now. Are you in his phone as "Mike" so the other girls he's hooking up with don't know? By the time I was 24, my hair had the consistency of tree bark. To truly appreciate the good men, you have to road-test the bad ones. Or chasing after someone who is completely disinterested in you. He liked that picture of your cat on Facebook, and then you retweeted his tweet, and then you trolled all of his friends' Instagram accounts to try to find out if he was dating someone else, and then he posted a news article to your wall that related to this inside joke you guys have, and by the way, 3. Yes, too much, especially if it's not stick-straight! Even outside of a tanning bed, UV rays are no good. Before you settle down, you gotta get some strange. Meeting those two stereotypes is not only annoying, Not knowing whether you’re ours is exciting. Especially when they have the nerve to get angry when you don’t respond to a text. You’re really going to make a fuss about a girl not immediately replying? And that’s another thing about dating late 20-somethings that annoys me: there’s so much pressure and a lot of misplaced expectations.Says a lot about your character (Let’s see, you’re either really insecure, or really arrogant. both), To all of you who think my rant about not replying is mean and bitchy: it’s not. Things would go a lot smoother if everyone just went with the flow (Okay, that sentence kinda feels like the start of a bad rap song, weird).If you’re over the age of 25 (or god forbid 30) and single, chances are you have decided that there aren’t any girls looking to actually date anyone that they meet at the bar. Now if you are middle-aged and not trying to take any chances, then perhaps you will waste your time, money, and effort meeting some fellow middle-aged strumpet with 4 kids and taste for expensive things bought by you.But if you’re not a fucking square and you are good looking (because all bros are) your best bet is making a profile on one of the free sites.

Most people know it as a sex site, but that’s hardly the original intention of it.I try to be nice to everyone I meet or see, and I can say in all honesty that I didn’t mean any harm if I didn’t respond. Alright, to end this surprisingly long post: For guys the latter might be entertaining (who am I kidding, of course she is), but you’ll never consider having a relationship with her, and Miss B Clingy isn’t exactly an attractive alternative.Though I do think a sane, chill girl is easier to find than the male counterpart. As in “I sincerely hope so or else I’m sure the human race is doomed to produce crazy people”.As a female, I can only say that it is not only hard to find a suitable single guy (they’re either in a committed, long-term relationship or gay), they also have two very different possible perspectives on you.I’ve noticed these are the options: A) they simply want to have sex (with as many girls as possible) while they still can, or B) They are overly eager to immediately start a serious relationship with you (especially if all their friends are taken and settling down).

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