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What’s better than finding a skeleton under the schoolyard?How about finding that skeleton might be an executed pirate?!Here you can learn that 2CB (also known as Nexus and Spectrum) is a new, hallucinogenic variation on ecstasy and that Poppers (alias Rush and Locker Room) are liquid nitrites that you breathe in for a quick high and, although not actually illegal, can make you nauseous. No, says Pat Langham, headteacher of Wakefield Girls High School and president of the 200-strong, independent-sector Girls' Schools Association.

The next time you feel suffocated by the disgusting black hole of hopelessness that is the modern dating scene, check out some of these adorable, clumsy love notes written by kids who are wise beyond their dating years.Childhood rhymes and rhyming games can be traced back to as early as the 17th century in the English language, and like most songs and poetry passed down orally through the generations — especially those enjoyed by children — the rhymes can be found and remembered in many different national, regional and cultural variations.Here is a selection of rhymes and games that I remember from my childhood (which was spent variously in England, America, Australia, and the Soviet Union) …Researchers anticipated finding remnants of the Newhaven dockyards, an old harbor and shipbuilding facility from the reign of King James IV.Instead they found the skeletal remains, which were not in good condition.

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Or perhaps you are like me, and consider weekend fare of movie dates and lengthy brunch followed by an afternoon of running errands together an excruciatingly painful scenario.

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