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Even with all that, you're not finished without including that inevitable part of your profile where you describe yourself in your own words. Successful online dating profile writers have learned to use the same techniques that sales and marketing copywriters use to grab and keep customer attention.

Başını hafifçe salladı, yüzünde hin bir tebessüm vardı.

A doctrine that has its only tenet in "there is no god". This is a subjective statement for each individual, so there is just one thing any individual can be certain that it exists, and that is their own selves.

Most things that can be proven "a priori", that is, in irrefutable ways of logical must-ness, are either tautologies ("Andrew exists or Andrew does not exist" is a necessarily true statement), or empirical statements (empirical, as based on reality and tangible existences) which empirical statements consist of only one, which is Descartes' "cogito ergo sum": "I think, therefore I am".

To date, as a person and as an individual, I have seen many, many examples of the bible being self-contradictory, never mind just plain wrong or plain lying with trying to push impossible stories like the Great Flood.

True, I admit to this weakness, that I find a world more likable in which there is no grand scheme, in which there is no creator who has the power to overrule natural laws.

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Ama tam o sırada Serhat kulaklığı çıkarmış ve orgazm olurken çıkardığım iniltileri duymuş, kapının ağzında dikilmiş, beni izliyormuş.

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