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They ended up deciding on "Empyrean Abattoir", which was awesome not only because it's an awesome song, but because just about a year prior Kevin had played an early version of this song on acoustic guitar in my basement for his WARMfest lathe-cut.

Boasting a 12-seat bar, plus a plush leather banquette flanked by wooden tables, the drop-in-only space makes for an equally luxe experience.

In addition to his exceptional work in our kitchens, Mr.

Curtat is also involved in the Montréal en lumière festival.

As a result, JNR was helping to cart the band back and forth.

We arrived at the venue in time to catch a bit of their soundcheck, and had a few hugs (Davy and Dobby had just been at our space a few weeks earlier with Yip Deceiver).

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Looking to dine at Michelin's triple-threat winners without going broke?

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  1. "Loop is never crowded, it has a nice second-floor space with old records and CDs. Cleveland Metroparks, Meet fellow nature lovers or exercise enthusiasts at hundreds of monthly events, from group hikes to bird-watching and photography clubs.