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For some reason they can’t comprehend that cheating within a fantasy is, in reality, still cheating. But… when the person is caught, and they will be, the consequences may be more than they bargained for.Infidelity is not uncommon in today’s world. It probably will be an end to life as they know it, loosing their spouse, children and bringing embarrassment from colleagues and friends.Both men and women stay up until the wee hours of the morning to engage in sexual acts while their spouse sleeps in a room down the hall, unaware that their spouse is just up the hall committing adultery. Be it in person or online, sex is sex and participating in sexual activity of any kind with someone other than your spouse is adultery. It will cause irreparable damage to your marriage and looking at the situation realistically, probably end it completely.The cheaters feel that looking at pornography and masturbating is okay. Cheating has never been easier than it is today, when you can go online, remain anonymous and sign in to participate in a form of cyber sex of your choice.has left the room ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This conversation is real. Only the names have been changed to protect starcrftmaniac and Punkgirl Angl, I mean, the innocent. I open the box and unzip my pants with my other hand.

Still others meet in chat rooms to engage in cyber sex. They use terms such as boredom, loneliness or stagnant love life to excuse their actions. Both are cheating and being unfaithful will hurt a spouse whether it is with a faceless person online, a co-worker, or a best friend.

The internet has come a long way in the world of sex chat rooms and free sex cams.

It used to be that people would meet in a chat room and then talk dirty to each other.

Instead of just sending dirty messages through emails and instant messengers, people had now discovered the fun of using webcams for this purpose.

They were able to let the person on the other end of the sex cam see themselves naked, or at least in provocative clothing.

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