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A few simple moves like the ones below can help you shine a spotlight on your cover letter, and as it turns out, these kinds of moves can also help you attract some positive attention in the online dating world.

After all, it’s no secret that the job search and the search for romance have a few things in common, like the fact that you’re trying your best to sell yourself. Piling on more words won’t necessarily make a weak argument stronger.

”, or were you more like “Meh, just another one of those who doesn’t even try to make an effort…”?

The truth is, our online profile should be treated like an elite artist’s portfolio—one that lets our true personality and creativity shine through, from the description to the pictures; one that shows the best and truest version of ourselves, that draws the audience in to want to learn more.

Online dating can be fun, but writing online dating profile descriptions and picking photos often aren’t, right?

Ever found yourself staring at the blank box for half an hour not knowing how to “Describe Yourself,” or wondering why people are not responding to your pictures? Then again, whenever you come across someone else’ profile with a meager few low-quality photos and a description that basically says “I’m not very good at talking about myself, I think the best way to find out whether we hit it off is to meet in person…,” were you jumping up and down like “Fantastic!

If your message isn’t working for a specific hiring manager or a specific position, longer text blocks, more arguments, and a more detailed job history won’t win them over.

By the same token, most online profile reviewers won’t carefully read your endless list of favorite movies, books, and bands. Every online dater in the world claims to be fun-loving, quirky, laid-back, smart, and funny.

It gives a prospective partner something to identify with.

THE WEEK IN PICTURES If Instagram is to be believed, plenty of people are taking advantage of the #Delta Dating Wall: Delta says that each mural, too, was designed by New York Times illustrator Andrew Rae.

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS The airline has also placed another large mural — the second in its Painted Wall Series — a few blocks away at the site of Brooklyn’s weekly Smorgasburg food festival.

FAMILY SUES DELTA OVER SMACKING PHONE FROM KID'S HAND “Until you take the trip, we’ll help you fake the trip with these backdrops,” the mural reads in large black letters.

In fairness, the murals themselves aren’t lifelike enough to completely fool Tinder users — each has been painted directly onto a brick building, and it shows — but Delta is hoping it’s enough to convince a potential date that travel is a huge hobby.

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This includes applying for work and looking for romance.

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